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As secured borrowing is usually offered at a lower rate than unsecured borrowing, it is common for individuals to raise money against their property, in order to pay-off unsecured debts. For some people this makes financial sense.

We have a lot of experience in this area and we take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously. We will always ask for up-to-date details of your existing unsecured debts i.e. credit cards, car loans etc. Once we have undertaken a number of detailed calculations, we will be in a position to present you with our recommendations. It is important to remember that having a secured loan means that your home is potentially at-risk, this is not the case with personal loans, credit cards etc.

Because of the work involved with these types of cases, many High Street lenders, and even some brokers, have decided not to take on business in this area. Whilst this is understandable, we do not agree with this approach. We want our clients to understand all of their options and this approach is certainly appropriate for many people. Get in-touch with us for an initial discussion and one of our advisers will let you know exactly what your options are.


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